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Politica de Privacidad and are are regularly updated and are trade names and logos of MR Vets Ltd.


All information and data provided by are used entirely at the users own risk. Although is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information on the subject matter covered, we (MR Vets Ltd. and their employees and consultants) provide information with references when available and the rest of the information is to the best of our knowledge and based on experience. 

We make the information and tests available to you and although we may give advice, we are not making any endorsement of any medicine, merchandise, protocol or technique.

Parasitology tests have high specicifity and sensitivity and close to 100%, therefore false negatives may occur. The same rules apply to viruses. Payment of the parasitology and viral tests available must be prepaid via our online shop by using either credit card or paypal options. Parasitology general faecal results will be sent by email within 7 days upon sample receipt. Cryptosporidium results shall be sent at the end of the testing phase (ie 7 days after the last sample is received), unless a positive result is obtained. For Cryptosporidium tests (Crypto-Testing) you will be asked to send the samples on specific days. We are aware that certain species may not pass faeces on that specific day and therefore the date is considered +- 2 days. We are not able to discuss treatment regimes as we do not have the animals under our specific care. Although some footnotes shall be given, it is recommended that you contact your veterinary surgeon regarding treatment. We may offer support for your veterinary surgeon if necessary.

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